Because while I was teaching online for 18 months during the pandemic, we no longer had classroom walls on which to display student work. Previously, I had used display material as a means to showcase their efforts to an authentic audience, and it served as motivation to produce high-quality work. Without this motivation, I could see a drop in the effort they put into written work which impacted their progress.

Is it difficult to set up?

Not at all! I used google sites – really user-friendly, many different templates to choose from. The students and I chose the title and background photos together, then they sent me photos of their work via Skype and I uploaded the content. Once the work is published, there is a link available to view the work online so their parents and friends can also see it.

Any drawbacks?

Probably the main one is the quality of the photos they sent me! I tried not to involve parents but occasionally I had to ask a parent to intervene and send a decent photo!

Even though we are back in the classroom now, I am still using the galleries. Classroom displays change, but the online gallery is a permanent reminder of their work that they can look back on in future and therefore really see their progress.

Here is an example of one of my galleries:

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