Effective Teachers Do These Three Things

Simple but effective…

mike fleetham : thinking classroom

Photo by Volha Milovich on Unsplash

…at least they did in 1999, according to Tim Brighouse, when I heard him talk about them. Do they still make sense, 23 years later? At the time they were incredibly compelling and, evidenced here, highly memorable. Do you do them?

Multiply Their ‘Specialness’

Increase the chances of each child in school coming into contact with people and situations that make them feel special, worthy and valuable. This could be teachers, peers, older students, visitors, TAs, parents – anyone who can bring understanding, love, learning and challenge into a child’s daily experience.

Smile in the corridor; give meaningful responsibilities; listen; ask; get to know; play a game in the playground; give pupils the chance to teach something to a younger child. There are hundreds of ways to make a child feel special and so many adults in school to do it. But do we…

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